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Caroline Chikezie

February 11, 2019


The Passage


The Passage on Fox is highly anticipated by viewers, tell us about working with the cast and crew. Anything different working on this particular Sci-fi series project than others in your past?


It was a wonderful experience thanks to our show runner and writer, Liz Heldens. She created really fantastic scripts that then got directed by Jason Ensler (Director, Executive Producer) who would literally have everyone dancing on set due to the banging tunes he’d have blasting out of the speakers in between takes. As for the cast, I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier group of people to work with. I’ve made friends for life.


Besides the plot, what would you say may draw viewers in, that may have not been interested in sci-fi shows before?


The Passage’ is more than a Sci-Fi show. Ultimately, it’s a show about love and human connection. There’s something for everyone. There’s drama, action, a captivating love story and a compelling mythology.


With diversity being a huge topic of discussion today, how does it feel to be a notable face/character of representation with your and Saniyya Sidney’s role on The Passage?


It feels wonderful and rightful. A huge elephant in the room is finally being addressed and I am so grateful to the Viola Davis’s and Jada Pinkett’s of this world, who campaigned tirelessly for inclusion that I now get to experience.


Style & Beauty


Not sure if the roles you play call for it, but your short hair cut gives 90s vibes we love. Tell us more about how you maintain and your choice to keep a low cut?


My short hairstyle is a good example of doing what YOU want as opposed to what others want you to do. I’ve always loved my hair short, so I wear it short for ME. I’d happily change hairstyles for a role but whenever I book a job, they usually decide that they want to keep my hair short. I’m lucky because my big sister, Anastasia, is in the hair care industry, so she keeps my natural hair in great condition, whilst I get to experiment with various wigs and weaves.


How would you describe your style? What looks do you go for and colors work for you? Any favorite brands or stores you shop at? Are you a bargain shopper?


I’d say my style is classic. The cut and fit for me is everything. I buy clothes and have them tailored so that they fit the way I like. I love shopping. This sounds crazy but I instantly have a feeling about whether an item of clothing is for me or not. I wouldn’t say I’m a bargain shopper, but I’m a gut instinct shopper. In my wardrobe you will see items from high street stores like Topshop, Zara, BCBG MaxAzria to high end brands like Gucci, YSL, Chanel. Just a blend of everything and I mix and match them all. In the summer, I tend to wear bright colors like oranges and reds. And then, in the fall, more muted tones like blue and grey.


You have clear, radiant skin. Give us your rundown of essential skin products and any regimens you have and can advise to others.


Thank you! My diet determines the condition my skin is in. If I’m eating clean and drinking plenty of water, then my skin rewards me by being clear. However, when I’m not being so careful with my diet, my skins breaks out! So I think, first look at your diet. Uncover any dietary intolerances that may be hampering your clear skin potential. Next, drink plenty of water daily and move your body to sweat out toxins. I like to walk, hike and dance. Finally, experiment with various skincare products until you find the one that your skin loves. Dermalogica is a brand that works for me. I’ve often had engagements and suddenly get a pimple! In fact, my skin often waits for an engagement and then produces a pimple in the most prominent position on my face, lol! If there’s time, I try to get a soothing facial to calm the outbreak. If that fails, I just whack on some benzoyl peroxide pimple cream and hope for the best!


Future Projects


If possible, are there any projects fans should look out for?


Any organizations or businesses you're involved in you want to shed light on?

I’m always receiving and reading new scripts and there are some projects that have caught my eye, so we shall see how they pan out. I’ve been writing my own stuff too, so I’m very excited about that! My sister Helena is setting up a charity with a focus on ending poverty in Africa. I’ll have more info on that as it progresses.


Photographer - Michael Becker

Stylist: Jennifer Austin

Makeup: Melissa Murdick

Hair: Randy Stodghill


Follow Caroline Chikezie: @carolinechikezie


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