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Darrin D. Henson

November 27, 2018




First, tell us about your role as Orlando Duncan on BET The Family Business. How will viewers connect with Orlando?


Orlando is the son of LC Duncan and is next in line to run the family businesses, an exotic car business as well as an narcotics business. I believe that viewers will connect with Orlando because we all want to be a part of something.  It is one of our human needs we all want to contribute, to be loved and are looking for certainty.  


The Family Business obviously portrays the image of successful Black entrepreneurs, similar to your previous work in Soul Food series. Is it important to you to have a part in this type of representation as an actor and in life?


I take on roles that my spirit resonates with and stories that are interesting to tell. I choose characters based upon the interest and the strength of the characters. BET’s The Family Business is an amazing story about a powerful black family, who wouldn’t want to tell this story and be a part of it?


Members Only stage show at The Los Angeles Stage Center is wrapping up, what would you say the main differences were with a play, movie, or TV series? Do you have a favorite?


Members Only was an amazing show to be a part of. It was necessary because the history of certain illnesses in this country will perpetuate if we are not aware and awake today. The medium of acting changes on stage, they are no second takes. The audience is live and you have to be alive and present. When you do television or film you can have other takes; it moves very fast you might get two takes and have to move on, whereas in a feature film, you can shoot for six hours in one scene.


You've been in the Entertainment industry awhile, have you done your passion project yet? If so what was it? If not, what would that project be and any talent you wish to work with?


My desire is to work with Denzel Washington, John Travolta, Dellroy Lindo, Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, and Al Pacino.





We wouldn't be a Style publication if we didn't get into your personal style. Let's switch gears a bit. What's most important to you when getting your look together?


I don’t really focus on my looks. I find other people do, I focus on the character and what is necessary to play the character and the energy of the character. That mindset of the character is what’s important to me. It’s based upon how the character needs to look to tell the story


What's your closet obsession? (Shoes, ties, hats, etc)


I am a suit man. Dressing well would be my obsession.


What's one thing you can't leave the house without?


I cannot leave the house without brushing my teeth.





The Family Business is currently airing on BET Tuesdays at PM. If you can, tell us any exclusives about other projects you may be working on.


I have quite a few films coming out that I’m very proud of, one is called "Submission" that can be seen on Instagram. Another film that I have coming out “Stephen Back to Love” with Bobcat Productions. It's a film about a Chicago stripper, that was a lot of fun to film. I anticipate it will be out by early 2019. Also, "Zulu Wedding" and “Sons 2 The Grave,” a gritty and honest film, that gives understanding to all sides.



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