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10 Things About Mackenzie Sol



The UK singer, songwriter is creating a lot of buzz. His new single "Taken" was written by the legendary Diane Warren. Mackenzie wants you to know more about him. Take a look at our Q&A session to find out "10 Things You Didn't Know


If not music, what would you be doing? 


Always Music!!!! Otherwise - magic, soccer or acting. I started doing close up magic when I was about nine years old.  I loved watching you tube videos and learning slight of hand.  I actually became pretty good at it. Soccer, I say football has always been my sport. I played for a team from the age of 5 and played in academies for premier league clubs as a youth. I juggled my musical theater career and soccer for a long time. 


Top 3 favorite artists of all time


Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, James Arthur


Michael Jackson is a legend.  Watching him growing up I loved his confidence on stage and how he controlled everything.  He was the perfectionist I strive to be.


Stevie Wonder, I grew up listening to because he was also a favorite of my parents.  He just has natural soul.


James Arthur has such a distinct tone to his voice.  Both his recordings and live performances inspire me.  The emotion in his vocal make every song relate able.





Biggest music influence


My parents and Justin Bieber. I had so many influences growing up because my parents where both singers.  I grew up mostly listening to soul and Motown music.  It was always playing in the house.  So my first influences were Stevie Wonder and Sam Cooke, however Bieber became a huge influence as he was the child star I aspired to be. I loved Beiber because he seemed like a regular kid who loved sports, however you could see that he had a natural ear for music. Like myself his first instrument was drums.


What age did you record your first song?


I was only five and I recorded a charity single for Simon Cowell as part of the X-Factor. After my little X-factor performance I was asked by Simon Cowell's  team to perform on a charity single with other X-Factor contestants. It was so much fun. I only had two or three lines, but I felt like a rockstar …LOL  


What's on your everyday playlist?


Lil Dicky - Freaky FridayI listen to so much music!  My playlist goes from LiL Dicky Freaky Friday to classics by Boys 2 MenWhen I feel chill I listen to ballads, when I need motivating …I listen to up tempo music.




Favorite Places to Shop


Apple Store and any place that sells sneakers. I’m obsessed with sneakers! When shopping for clothes, I like little boutiques that sell something quirky and a little different. 


Clothing Obsession


Sneakers, I like to match them to my tees.




Most Embarrassing Moment


I was recently on tour in the UK and while performing songs from my new EP at one of my shows, I literally fell of the stage.  So there I was in the middle of my performing my new single “TAKEN” [Out now BTW, check it out on You Tube :)  and here is the link… https://youtu.be/p3b6qMBq26s ] AND as I was performing and singing- and I overstepped the stage and fell. I was fine but boy was I embarrassed.  


Dream Collaboration

James Arthur, Bruno Mars.


James Arthur is from the same region of the UK as me and I feel through the pure passion of music he made a success of his life.


Bruno Mars is the Michael Jackson of today, who wouldn't want to collaborate with him.




Something Fans Would be Surprised to Know About You


I’m the voice of P.U.P. the rapping dog for Airbud in the PUPSTAR movies.  I also have my own Digi-Series which is going to be released on the 1st June, showing my true relationship with Abby Lee Miller.


Photos: Angelo Kritokos

Follow Mackenzie Sol: @mackenziesol


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November 14, 2019

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