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Breanna Yde


How to Rock your Best Look: Teen Style Guide from Breanna Yde


Red Carpet Look - I wore a blue tuxedo to the Emmys last year and it was one of my all time favorite red carpet looks. That was really cool for me because I’m not a big fan of dresses, so I could be myself and rock a tux!


First Day of School – I do school on set, so I haven’t been to an actual school in a long time, but I would suggest something really sleek. Maybe even something a little smart to impress the teachers lol, get them on your good side. Definitely sleek and a little unique, something that gives your new classmates a sense of who you are and what you like.


First Date- I would wear a favorite pair of jeans, so that right away you’re a little more comfortable. Then add a cool shirt and maybe a fun pair of shoes like checkered vans or boots with a decoration like studs.



Girls Hang Out – Your girls won’t judge you, so if you’re super casual I think that’s ok. Oversized hoodie and comfy pants should work!


Picture Day –  These pictures will last forever, so make sure you’re comfortable and feeling your best. I personally would go with a sleek black pair of pants, t-shirt and really cool jacket – maybe one with a fun pattern or design. Then do your thing!


Describe your personal style –  My style is a little random. I like edgy dark pieces, like black leather, studded boots, vintage concert t-shirt. Usually my clothes are oversized, especially when I’m at home chillin  and often my clothes are mis-matched.



Do you have a main style team, who are they – I do, I have a killer style team at Nickelodeon, Arturo & Alejandro and for press or photo shoots we sometimes mix it up, but recently I’ve been style and glammed by Franzy Staedter and Mara Capozzi. Then of course myself…its usually whatever I’m most comfy in.



Nickelodeon's School of Rock 


What has been your favorite memory working on School of Rock?
My favorite memory might actually be shooting the final episode. We have a massive performance in the episode and we got to perform “I Love Rock and Roll” on a huge stage on the Paramount back lot with like 500 extras cheering. It was such a cool scene to film!


What can fans expect from the season finale?

Fans can expect loads of great music, awesome special guests and I really can’t wait to see what fans think.


Will there be a following season?

No, this will be the series finale. This has been such a special project for me and I think fans will not be disappointed with how we end things.



Any other projects you’re working on and can tell us about?

I’m excited to be writing and working on music! I can’t wait to really develop my sound as an artist and share it with everyone.




Photos by: Joe Scarnici
Hair and Makeup: Mara Capozzi
Wardrobe: Franzy Staedter


Social Media: @breannayde



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November 14, 2019

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