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These days, it’s hard to describe what role Torrei Hart has, simply because she has so many. But whether as a comedian, an actress,  a businesswoman for Heavenly Hart Hair Care or just as a mother, Hart carries a role of confidence. She is confident in the people she works and lives around who help support her hectic life. She is confident in the belief that nothing is more beautiful than keeping your natural hair. She believes in the strides she is making as an entertainer and the future she holds in the industry. Log past her divorce from comedian Kevin Hart, Torrei is ready to make a name of her own in more ways than one. And whether she emerges through business, comedy, on film or all three, she is going to carry her pride the entire way.


On Exciting New Projects:

"The one I am most excited about is the tour, it is called the Bald and Boujee Tour. We just recently finished up a date in Baltimore, we have four sold out shows there. And then we have four shows in Atlanta from April 12-15. I also recently got word that my TV show got picked up, and that's called ‘Southern Girls’, and it starts filming April 15. I’m also excited about a film project in May and that’s called ‘Hollywood’ and another film called ‘So Enticing’ that’s being filmed in Jamaica in June."


Balancing roles as an entertainer, businesswoman, and mom:

"It is not hard because I have an amazing team, and an amazing support group. Kevin and I co-parent very well. There's times when I may have the kids a month at a time, and there's times when I need to work and he will take the kids, so it usually works itself out, I have to be honest. But I have a great support group at the school with other moms,so I would have to say that God has set me up to win."



How your business has changed you:

"Well I was never a stay-at-home mom. I was always training, I was always actively pursuing my career. It's just now people are starting to see all the hard labor and hard work I have put in for years. I've shot many national commercials and I was on a Nickelodeon commercial. I would say I have always been a working mom, things are just picking up more than it has in the past."


Advice for other active moms.

"Whatever you want to do, just make sure you definitely love it and are passionate about it. Because I don't look at it as work, even when the days are hectic. There are some days where I am going from one place to the next for media, and then I have to perform. But I love it, I would not trade it for anything. So whatever you want to do, make sure you are passionate about it and not just doing it for money. Because if you are just doing it for money, eventually you are going to burn out."


Anything you are striving to improve on:

"Well yeah I am striving to get funnier with every show. But really, I want to get more comfortable on stage. And every show it does get better, and this is one thing I'm really proud of. I would always have a glass of wine before I performed, and last week I was at the Comedy Store and decided not to have that glass. I was nervous, but I know that I am going to be a big star in comedy, God has set me up for it, so I didn't want to depend on a substance to perform."



Inspiration behind the Heavenly Hart Haircare line:

“What really inspired it was my daughter. I am a big yogi, I do yoga so I do yoga about four to five times a week, and after every class I meditate. So I was in meditation and it came to me. And this company, which is now my partner, came up to me about doing some brand ambassador stuff. And I was like, ‘You know, I have my own ideas, let's partner up and be something together.’ So then I got this idea in yoga, and I told the company I wanted the main ingredient to be coconut. From there, we started doing the formulations together, we tested it out and got it right, and then we released it.”


The biggest reason to embrace your natural hair:

“Because it is what God gave you. I mean I had to come to this conclusion, because I used to process my hair, but now I look back and wish I never put those chemicals in my hair. Because when our hair is in its most natural state, and you take care of it, you treat it and you do what you’re supposed to do every day, it is so beautiful.”


Daily skin routine:

“So I certainly use facials, I use black soap, and also my dermatologists gives me a special face wash to use as well. But definitely the black soap helps out a lot.”


Personal Style:

“I’ll be honest, I would wear some grunge-y jeans and t-shirts every day if I could. I mean I love feeling comfortable, I love wearing sweats, I love wearing flip flops. But when I do dress up,I love a nice stiletto and a good one-fitting dress because I am curvy. But I am a rock girl in my heart so I will wear some rock stuff in a minute.”



What to take away from revamped career path:

“I would just say it is never too late to do what you want. Even if you have to stop or take a break, just don’t quit. I mean, I had to stop and take a break because I had to get happy again. I had to soul-search and find Torrei again, and finding Torrei meant that maybe I needed to take a break from my career.”


Social Media: @TorreiHart


Hair and makeup: @makeupbykhamilia 
Styling: @melvinstyles 

Photographer: @61.mm

Creative: @theaagroup




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November 14, 2019

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