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      Sometimes a negative situation can push you to find a positive outcome.  Making the best out of a bad circumstance could even put you on the correct path and reveal some amazing opportunities.  Actress Violett Beane endured an obstacle of her own during her early high school years that kept her from enjoying and pursuing her passion to perform.  With the stage no longer an option, she had to strive for an opportunity in film.  This allowed her to take a chance, find an alternative and ultimately enter a professional career in the film industry.


        “A huge factor for me in switching was during my Sophomore year of high school…we got a new theatre coach and for one reason or another we just really didn’t get along…basically he stopped casting me in stuff…he just stopped casting me.  So, I actually went out and that’s part of the reason I found an agent because I was missing that part of my life.  So the transition for me was a must.  I had to because there was no alternative,” Beane explained.



        Once high school ended, Beane set aside her good grades and college possibilities to make the move to Los Angeles and pursue a career in acting.  Judging from her filmography thus far, it seems like she made the right call.  She is best known for her role as “Jesse Quick” on the fan-favorite comic series The Flash currently airing on The CW.  The show is currently in its fourth season and going strong.  Beane has two other exciting projects releasing this year with a recurring role as “Lily Kendall” on the Fox medical drama series The Resident and a lead role in the upcoming Blumhouse/Universal Pictures horror film Truth or Dare.  The Resident premiered on January 21st as a mid-season entry in the 2017-18 television season.  Her character of “Lily” is a young medical patient suffering from leukemia.  Having never played a character quite like this one, she jumped at the chance to take on a new challenge.  Because of the show’s in-depth portrayal of medical procedure, she couldn’t turn down the role.


        “Lily is a young 20-something and she is struggling with a very serious cancer; stage of leukemia and you see her throughout the season dealing with it.  But, what’s so interesting about the show is that they really dive into what’s behind each character, what’s driving each doctor, why they do what they do…you kind of get to see that maybe everything she does and says isn’t what we really thought it was,” she explained.



        The other major new release coming later this year is Truth or Dare.  Although Beane isn’t new to the horror genre, this will be her first major studio horror release set to hit theaters on April 13th.  Not much is known about the film at this time.  But with the producers of previous hit horror flicks like Happy Death Day and Get Out, there’s a good chance this one will be something you won’t want to miss out on.  She plays the role of “Markie Cameron” in an ensemble of characters playing a game of truth or dare with deadly consequences.


        According to Beane, “Truth or Dare is a really fun flick because you root for all the characters.  I feel like when we were shooting it we were having so much that when people are watching it they’re going to be able to tell. I also feel like it keeps you on the edge of your seat with the suspense and personally I love movies like that.  Psychological thrillers are my favorite…I feel like I’m going to really enjoy it.  I think it’s the perfect movie to go out with some friends on a Friday night and get a little scared.”



        Once asked about her taste in fashion, it became apparent that her clothing matches her relaxed personality.  She has adopted the “as long as it’s comfortable, I’ll wear it” philosophy when it comes to her wardrobe.  When she isn’t working, she’s enjoys spending time cooking for her friends and family.  Due to her involvement in organizations promoting animal rights, she has decided to maintain a vegan diet.  Although she has had to drastically change her cooking routine, she enjoys finding new recipes that reflect her current lifestyle.


        “I just recently about 6 months ago went vegan…baking has changed a lot for that.  I’m also gluten free so it’s been really fun to find new ways of baking and sharing then with my friends…I have a bomb dot com chocolate chip cookie recipe.  It’s so good it doesn’t have any flour, any oil, any eggs.  So it’s vegan and it’s paleo…it’s sugar free and grain free.  You would never tell.  I just gave them to my friend last week and I didn’t tell her…you don’t tell them and wait until you enjoy it,” Beane said.



        Beane doesn’t allow her acting career to get in the way of her humanitarian work with various charity and rights organizations.  She recently finished a photo shoot with PETA for their All Animals Have the Same Parts campaign.  Aside from her love of animals, she also contributes to a number of causes supporting abortion rights and anti-rape.  She has even prepared an assortment of goodie bags containing food and toiletries that is kept in her car for any homeless person she may encounter.  She continues to do what she loves on a regular basis.  Her much-welcomed return to The Flash will air later this year as well.  No plans of stopping are in sight, and that’s the way she likes it.      


Follow Violett Beane on all social media: @ViolettBeane

Images: @StormSantos

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