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Although Teala Dunn is an actress and major Lifestyle influencer, using platforms such as YouTube [A Teaspoon of Teala] to reach the masses, there’s so much more to know about the AT&T Hello Lab's Guilty Party Co-star. From style tips,  tackling bullying, or what to do with your last $20, Teala’s got you covered.


Launching Teaspoon of Teala

“I’ve always loved connecting with my viewers and supporters. I love getting to know the people that are watching me. I created a YouTube channel because all of my friends were making music videos and all this cool stuff and thought I wanted to check it out and make some cool stuff on my own. I created the channel when I was like 14-15 years old and then I just kept up with it. I did a bunch of random skits and music videos. The older I got the more I got into beauty and fashion, then I created another channel. I didn’t realize there was a huge beauty community on YouTube. So, I kept up with that and that channel [A Teaspoon of Teala] has more than 2 million subscribers. I keep up with both channels and I show my viewers a day of my life with daily blogs, makeup videos and advice. I honestly didn’t think it would get this big, it’s  just something I always loved to do. I think it’s amazing. Whenever I get recognized it’s because of my videos most likely, it’s because of who I am. It’s so rewarding. It’s a lot more rewarding when people respect who for being yourself.”



Everyday Style

“My everyday style is a mix between edgy and girly. I am a huge fall fashion lover, I love layers, sweaters, boots with jeans and cardigans. [On makeup] I like to capitalize on my eyes and lips. I'm playing with a lot of colors now. I'm not afraid of mixing and matching.”


Beauty Regimen

I love Neutrogena makeup remover wipes. I think it's so important for girls and guys when they come home after a long day to take off their makeup. A lot of girls are like: ‘Oh my God, Teala I broke out and I don't know why, I slept in my makeup.’ That’s why, when you put it on, you have to take it off no matter how tired you are. You have to moisturize your face and exfoliate every week, focus on up-keeping your skin. Your skin is so important. When you have clear skin, I feel you are much more confident about yourself. You have to drink lots of water, it clears up your skin and keeps you hydrated. I really like lip scrubs, when I'm filming it's important not to have crusty lips [laughs].”



Favorite Brands

“I love Gucci, I'm obsessed. I have so many Gucci shoes but I also love Prada, I'm wearing a Prada bag now. I love Reformation and Nasty Gal. Every time I'm in my trailer I online shop.”


Using Her Last $20

“If i was down to my last $20 I would buy water, makeup remover wipes, grapes [I love grapes].” “I would definitely mix some fruit in there, maybe an iphone charger and some gum.”


Music Playlist

“It depends on my mood, I love M83, they are amazing. I also love Rihanna and Maroon 5. Currently I've been obsessed with SZA. Anything by her is great. If I had a soundtrack for my life it would probably be Beyoncé.”


Using Her Platform for Positivity

“I want to do nothing more than to spread positivity on all of my platforms. I think it's so important. Words really do affect others. I get thousands of DMs of girls everyday who are being bullied and they take these negative words to heart and they confide in me. I like to spread awareness that I receive negative comments and hear rumors about myself all the time that aren't true. You have to look past it and ignore negativity, it seems cliché but if I feel if I can do it, they can do it. I feel it keeps our relationship stronger as a ‘fandom’. I always respond to my DMs especially on Twitter. I love giving advice. If you spread positivity, it's good karma for you. Religion has a lot to do with that. I'm a Christian and I love God so I always tweet about that. I think it’s important to express what you believe in no matter who you are.”



Life Mantras

‘Be yourself, everybody is taken.’ “Everybody has their own uniqueness. Comparing yourself to others is toxic, you're never going to be satisfied.”


Secret Talent

“I do a lot of voice over work. I can do The Splits.”


Celebrity Crush and Dating

Dylan O’Brien, I have been obsessed with him since like 2011 [Laughs]. So shout out to him! [On dating] Personality is so important and honesty. I don't believe in wasting other people's time. Somebody that's loyal, caring, and romantic. Somebody that is passionate. I’m very passionate about my work and have a lot of work ethic. I could never date someone that's lazy and wakes up late.”


Teala also thoroughly enjoys coffee and spending lots of time with friends. She uses her fame to let others know she is just like you and to always follow your dreams: “ We should never limit ourselves, don’t ever let anyone hold you back, we can be anything, do whatever you want to do.” Watch new episodes of  AT&T Hello Lab's Guilty Party Season 1 on YouTube and be on the lookout for the new Comedy series 'All Night'' on Hulu.


Photography: Andrew Nguyen


Follow Teala Dunn: 

Instagram: @ttlyteala

Twitter: @ttlyteala

YouTube: @Tealaxx2


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November 14, 2019

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