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Thomas Barbusca



The Mick star Thomas Barbusca shared with UNpopular Style Magazine what it’s like working with the cast and the process behind getting into a character that is very different from his own personality.  Thomas had a discussion with our Editor in Chief to talk all things fashion, entertainment and what he enjoys during his down time.  Surprisingly, he is more fashionable than people may think.  With high profile tastes and a trademark hairstyle, he just may be the teen to watch in order to find your style.


Working with The Mick Cast

“Ever since we were done with the first episode, we were already family. Just being on set with everybody, knowing each other so well, it’s just like a family environment..it just feels like I’m home when I’m there.”


Favorite Memory on Set

“What I like to do with some of the cast mates is pretend I’m the director or producer.  I’ll come in annoying the heck out of the whole cast and joke around like I’m directing them.”  


Playing Chip Pemberton

“Chip is super entitled and money is the answer for everything. I love playing this character because I'm the complete opposite of him.”



Process of Getting Into Character

“I just try to find the mindset of a disgruntled, entitled teen. It kind of comes naturally after a few takes. I think I have it down pat now.”

Future of the Show

“We’re shooting our second season now and we don’t know really anything about our third season.”


Best Advice He Received

“Always stay in it.  Get into your character and stay ready for the scene.  When you’re in a scene, it’s not you it’s your character.”


Difficulties Growing Up in Show Business

“The social life is a little more different than the average kid.  I grew up in the industry and I’ve been on sets since I was really young.  I didn’t have time to go out and play sports or do things like learning how to ride a bike. A lot of child actors tend to grow up quicker because they’re on a set with a bunch of adults.”

Favorite Vacation Activity

“I love going to bed.”


Photo: Eliza Logan


Actors He Desires to Work With

“Robert De Niro because who wouldn’t want to work with him? Also, I would have loved to work with the late James Gandolfini.”


Favorite TV Shows

“Right now, I am obsessed with The Sopranos, Lethal Weapon, and The Goldbergs, which I think is really funny.”


Discovering Hidden Talents

“We were shooting at a baseball field the other day and decided to play catch. You should have seen me on this field. I am so good at catching a baseball. I didn’t even know!”


Other Professional Goals

“I definitely want to get into writing, directing, producing. If I were good at sports, I would play basketball. Also, if I had the gift that a lot of rap artists have I would probably be a rapper… but I don’t know what I would rap about.”

On His Personal Style

“For me, I don’t like to go too fancy or too casual… I like to be right in the middle. Usually, I’ll do a nice sneaker with some tight-fitted light blue or black jeans. I always wear either a plain hoodie or one with a design or wording on it. Sometimes I’ll pair it with a button-up or a cool jacket to go with it... but never a hat. I never wear hats because I have so much hair, it just wouldn’t fit in a hat. Now, I wear prescription glasses and I think they help with my outfits. I’ll sometimes put on a watch, too. I never really wear a chain, but if I’m in a suit, I’ll wear a nice silver one with it.”



Choosing His Style for Public Events

“I work with a stylist for when I attend premieres and other press events, but sometimes I’ll pick out my own outfit.”


Secret Behind His Trademark Hair

“That’s another reason I don’t wear hats. My hair is the way people remember me. I do wake up like this. [Laughs] It’s from being on set all the time and they’re always doing my hair in a really cool way. The hair and makeup team is great. Over the course of filming, my hair just forms into what I like to call a ‘masterpiece’. I give all the credit to them.”

Advice for Teens Today

“Just stay true to yourself and try to block out all the negativity. All lives matter...learn to stay true to yourself in whatever you’re doing, and support others.”


As for music, you can find Nas, Travis Scott, Mobb Deep, Migos and many more on Thomas' playlist. He likes to get his day started off with some J. Cole for a more mellow but cool, upbeat vibe. Catch Thomas Barbusca in action on The Mick, Tuesdays at 9/8c on FOX.


Photography by: Henry Wu


Follow Thomas Barbusca:

Instagram: @thomasbarbusca

Twitter: @thomasbarbusca

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November 14, 2019

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