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Her precision, service to those in need, and initiative to take action, whether it’s on screen or off, Desireé Ross, the impactful actress on OWN’s megachurch melodrama series Greenleaf, takes on the role of a dynamic, yet inspiring, Sophia Greenleaf, the teenage daughter of a pastor within a family whirlwind of greed, money, and power. During an exclusive interview, Desiree shares what it is like being a teen in Hollywood, how she maintains her personal look off camera, and how she dedicates herself to helping others in need.


 On Greenleaf

In the second season there’s a lot of drama and a lot of different and changing relationships. In terms of Sophia, she’s grown up a lot more, she has taken on a mature mindset, she is more involved with the church, and she’s trying to see the direction that she is headed in. At first, Sophia thought that being a Christian meant you have to be perfect, that you are not allowed to make mistakes. But she learned it’s about a family trying a little bit harder to do better and knowing that when you mess up, you can always turn to a higher power that loves you, forgives you, wants what’s best for you, and will provide for you. The cast of Greenleaf is awesome. Everyone is so talented, hardworking, and very focused on their craft. I’m like a perfectionist, so everything has to be by the book.



On Growing Up In the Industry

I had to grow up pretty fast and I’ve learned a lot of different things. I didn’t really go to school and it affected my social life growing up, because I was always working and there weren’t really any other kids on set. My high school life was with a bunch of adults and very few kids were around. It’s a lot easier for me to talk to industry people, but even then, sometimes it may be difficult because we may not have similar experiences.


On Giving Back

My parents have always been pretty big on giving back in any way they can in their community and other countries. Because of that, I did this mission trip and ended up really loving it, and now I want to travel and help the world. That’s on my to do list. It’s nice to be positive and to give back to the people who need it. It also helped me to see into the life of someone other than my own, and it put everything into perspective for me. It was like an eye opener to everything going on in the world right now.



Desireé On Style

“I love very classic pieces and things that are timeless, and I try to make sure my wardrobe reflects that. My friend told me one thing I could do is take one part of an outfit that I want to accentuate on my body and go for only just that one part. For instance, I’m going to an event and I have this really beautiful dress but to remain classy and to not give away too much, I focus on one area to show. If I’m showing my back, I won’t show cleavage. There has to be a balance. Make sure that one part pops and have everything else covered. I also like things that are pretty edgy or tomboy in terms of like everyday styles. I like to switch it up.”

 Desiree is pretty hands-on with creating her looks. She knows what works for her and doesn't always need a stylist. These are some of Desiree Ross' Style Fun Facts:


Favorite Makeup Product:

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation


Favorite Clothing Stores:

Top Shop & Zara


UNpopular Choice:

Men's clothing 


Go To Accessory:

Hoop earrings



Photography:  Tina Nieves & Nathaniel Taylor

Follow Desireé Ross on Instagram: @desireeross_



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November 14, 2019

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